It’s more adventurous than any computer game and more exciting than theTV! Why not bring your whole family for some fun on the Hills at any or all of our events. Don’t tell the kids it’s healthy exercise – they
won’t notice – they’ll be too busy solving problems, taking decisions, making risk assessments and HAVING A GOOD TIME.
Oh! And don’t imagine you’ll be standing on the side-lines cheering – everyone gets a pocket adventure with MADO.

Malvern and District Orienteers (MADO) is a division of Harlequins
Orienteering Club. It was set up to deliver a series of fun, familyfriendly, informal events in the Malvern area in the autumn of 2005. So successful were these that a Mini-League was set up to provideon-going events for everyone from beginners to accomplished athletes -children, parents and grandparents.

Please e-mail us if you would like more information on lester@mado.org.uk and keep checking the website for updates.

MADO is a division of Harlequins Orienteering Club, holders of Sport England Clubmark Accreditation.


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