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Sid Meier's project Colonization on Dos was released back in 1994 and immediately gained an impressive army of fans. Here you can play dos Colonization online. Ideologically, a game similar to Civilization, only you have to fight not for the whole world, but for the New World.

Actions begin in 1492. Before starting the game, you need to select one of 4 countries:

  • England is a power with an excellent religious integral base of control, the game will have a reduced number of crosses (only 2/3) for the appearance of immigrants in their own port. Also at the beginning of the game, the British soldier is already a veteran.
  • France is a friendly country with leader Jacob Cartier. The French get along very well with the local people. Therefore, panic among the Indians will increase 2 times less with the development of the French colonies and the deployment of their troops close to the villages or cities of the natives. And at the start of the game, the French have trained Pioneers instead of the usual ones.
  • Spain - the great conquistadors who strive to conquer all the lands of the natives and seize their infinite wealth. Therefore, the Spaniards in the battles with the Indians receive an additional 50% increase in the strength of the troops.
  • The Netherlands is a trading country with excellent business skills. Danes in their own port prices for goods are more favorable than in other countries. Also, the Netherlands start the game with a ship 2 times larger than other players.
    In general, nations differ, but not much, so you have to choose more from personal preferences than from strategic goals.

Having determined the country, we find ourselves on the map, where a small caravel ship with 2 colonists on board awaits us. Having landed on the shore, we build our first colony and begin to develop. On the mechanics of colonization is not that far gone from civilization. We also build buildings in the villages, cut down forests and organize land reclamations, and the actions are strictly step by step. But everything has become more intimate, because the battle is not for the whole world, and our main task will be to send ships to Europe.

The fact is that any of our colonies slowly deliver soldiers, and they don’t bring money (it changes when you can build a customs somewhere in the middle of the game). But they produce goods. One village produces tobacco and turns cigars; in the other, cotton is grown and clothing is sewn. All this is needed by Europeans, so the manufactured goods must be regularly shipped to ships and sent to the old world. They pay good money for it, which is always where to spend it. In addition, the player will have to purchase professional pros and send them to live in settlements. An advanced farmer will sharply raise the crop, the woodcutter will increase the production of wood. Experts are expensive, but the money spent is beating back a hundredfold.

Colonization game challenges the managerial abilities of the player as well as Civilization. If at the beginning of the game the struggle for gold in the New World is at the political level, then later guns and guns will start talking. And by this time it is better to have a decent army.

Colonization is a truly addictive, deep and complex strategy, in which even an average level of difficulty can challenge hardcore gamers. The game without doubt will appeal to lovers of complex strategies from Sid Meier

If you hold down the ALT button and press the "W" "I" "N" keys in turn, you will get access to the Cheat menu. VERY IMPORTANT - after that the inscription cheater will be in the fame gallery, so if you play for points, it is better not to use cheats!
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    - 02-03-2021 14:29:07
    Wow Colonization! That's incredible game, i will play it later...