Counter-Strike is multiplayer shooter, offering to participate in session battles. Having joined the terrorists or the special forces, you will find yourself on the battlefield, where you will have to do everything possible to kill the enemies. Despite the similarity with other projects, the features include clear control, a variety of guns, bright locations and tournaments with millions of winnings. Ready to shoot? Then I recommend now to download the Counter-Strike client through the torrent of the game and into battle!


  • Rescue the hostages: the terrorists must protect the hostages or kill all enemies. The special forces task is more difficult, because you need to find people, and then bring them to freedom. We are talking about four hostages. By freeing them, your team will earn one point;
  • Bomb blast: the task of terrorists is to find a secluded place and install a bomb. At the end of time, an explosion will occur, and your team will earn a point. As for the special forces, they must neutralize rivals before they install a bomb or have time to demine it;
  • VIP murder: one of the members of the special forces becomes a VIP-person. The task of your team is to protect it. Terrorists, in turn, will try to clear the territory and execute an order for the murder;
  • Escape: the terrorists must have time to run to the green zone, and the special forces to do everything possible so that rivals do not do it.

Goal of the game:

Now you know what modes are waiting for you. Having defined the grouping, you will find yourself on the battlefield and proceed to the destruction of opponents. Having won the round, the team accrued the money necessary to acquire guns, body armor and grenades. Losers will also receive a reward, but in smaller quantities. Remember, you are not obliged to buy weapons, you can fight with a gun, and in the next round you can buy an automatic rifle or a sniper rifle. Dealing with opponents, you will be charged dollars, the maximum possible amount - 16 000. If you doubt your abilities, your skills in the fight against bots will be spent. Thanks to the single player mode, you can practice shooting, find secret places, learn to hide, etc.


In Counter-Strike you will find a good arsenal. Here you can kill the enemy with pistols,  machine guns, sniper rifles, grenades, etc. Despite the various guns, the terrorists like the M16, and the special forces have the AK-47. It is not necessary to buy these trunks. You might like to cut the throats or kill with a pistol with a silencer.

Attention: in the game servers already created. All you have to do is select game and join it.

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    - 02-03-2021 14:29:07
    Wow Counter-Strike! That's incredible game, i will play it later...