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Here you can play GTA 1 in the browser online. This game was the first of the Grand Theft Auto series and marked the beginning of a great series of games. the original GTA 1 was developed for Dos and later ported to PC, Playstation 1, Game Boy Color. The game was released on November 7, 1997. For Playstation 1 - December 14, 1997, for Game Boy Color - November 22, 1999. The latest version introduced censorship, removed blood and violence. Game developers are DMA Design and Tarfntula Studios.

GTA 1 consists of levels in each city. At each level, the player must score a certain amount of points, and at the same time he is given 5 attempts. The number of points in a player is represented in the form of money that he can spend, for example, on repainting cars and everything else. But at the same time losing money, the player loses his earned points. Having collected the required number of points, the player must go to a certain place on the map, after which he proceeds to the next level.

The main distinctive feature of the game is that the player is free to choose. He can travel freely, do whatever he wants. If desired, the player can visit any place in the city, blow up cars or kill people, steal or sell cars. However, to complete a level, the hero must complete a specific set of missions. In the tasks of the game is also present freedom of action. The player himself chooses the road to the desired destination. This level of freedom is not inherent to most action games. Freedom of action, movement and diversity of possibilities became the hallmark of Grand Theft Auto and made it one of the most well-known and best-selling games in the history of the gaming industry.

There are many different ways to score points required to complete each level. Points can be scored by committing various crimes, such as crashing cars or killing policemen. The more serious the crime, the more you earn points. More serious crimes quickly attract the attention of the police. Also, to earn points, you can turn off the car and sell it. This usually brings a pretty good amount of points. Upon successful completion of the mission, the player is given a huge amount of points. Usually around 50,000. Also, when performing a mission, the score multiplier increases by 1.

The game features 3 cities modeled from real cities:

Liberty City modeled from New York
San Andreas is a prototype of San Francisco
And Vice City, in real life - Miami
Later these cities were used in the continuation of the series of games.

Player receives missions using phone booths placed in cities. Having sat down in a certain car and having come to a certain place, the player can receive an additional task. If a player has been assigned a task, he cannot take on other missions. Missions are quite diverse. The player will be offered to engage in a robbery by banks, to arrange a shootout with gangsters, chases for police and other criminal matters.

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