Slap Champ

Slap Champ

Become the Ultimate Slapper with "Slap Champ"

Step into the zany arena of "Slap Champ", the latest slap challenge crafted especially for those with a quirky sense of humor and slap enthusiasts. Experience the thrill of virtually slapping renowned celebrity avatars in this captivating game.

Inspired by real-life slap tournaments, where participants aim to outslap their opponents right from their seats, "Slap Champ" is not just a game but a belly-laughing experience. Known by many as "Slap A King", it's a blend of top-notch entertainment with rib-tickling animations. The global player base can't get enough of its comedic elements and the much-needed stress relief it provides. Ever felt the need to let off steam? This game lets you slap it away on virtual faces, leaving them bright and blushing!

Key Features:

  • Global Appeal: Known as "crow fly sparrow fly" or "salt pepper" in India, it connects with players from all corners.
  • 2-Player Mode: Dive into a friendly duel with pals and see who can slap better.
  • Power Meter: Harness the left-to-right moving electricity meter. Perfectly timed slaps in the center are the most potent!
  • Levels & Difficulty: Stay engaged as the difficulty amps up level by level.
  • Accessible Gaming: Perfect for PC gamers. Play solo or with friends and let the slapping commence!

If you're someone who relishes a light-hearted game or wants to engage in some harmless virtual slap action, "Slap Champ" is your go-to. Ready to slap your way to victory?

Game Details:

  • Release Date: 27 November 2021
  • Available On: Web browser. Start your slap fest now!
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    - 02-03-2021 14:29:07
    Wow Slap Champ! That's incredible game, i will play it later...