Sonic The Hedgehog 3
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Sonic The Hedgehog 3

In Sonic The Hedgehog 3 it all starts with the fact that the characters rest after previous adventures. Thales invented a mechanism that finds jewels with strong energy. In the story, he stumbled upon a location with a high concentration of energy, and Sonic came across a ring on which was written "Island Legend", the inhabitants of which did not observe their own rule - they wanted to get what they were not given. They wanted strength, power, thus they betrayed their god. This island is known as floating (Floating Island).

At the beginning of the game, Sonic jumps from the Tornado plane and turns into Super Sonic, where he meets Knuckles, who takes all the emeralds from him. Eggman deceived Naklza saying that he is good, and the hedgehog is evil, the egg of death from the second part fell on the island because of Sonic. Sonic will have to re-collect all the emeralds. And also according to the version on the island there are other emeralds that help the island is in the air. Knuckles constantly protects the island and checks if all the emeralds are in place.

The game brought new rules. If you have 50 rings and you jump over the checkpoints, then you will get into the bonus level with prizes. But emeralds are not there. To get them do not need rings. Just find a big ring somewhere in the acts. In each act, there are several. Jump and go there Special Stage, turning the blue balls into red. The longer you are at the level, the faster Sonic runs and the harder it is to manage. In each game, the Special Stage changes, which does not tire the gathering process.

So what changed in the game? Yes, everything changed, the levels are very large, it is pleasant to be in them, it is interesting to explore, mini-bosses and sprites look more serious. Tales will be able to fly, swim, raise Sonic in the game, and level design takes this into account. The game has special places in which Teylz may be present, but there are places where it is impossible.

Sonic The Hedgehog 3 has more objects to interact with. Sonic has InstaShield - for a short time Sonic is surrounded by a shield, and at this time the character is invulnerable. The attack range is larger. Say meaningless? Not! It helps.

There are new shields:

  • Fiery, which when jumping allows you to make a dash forward and the character does not receive damage from fire.
  • Watermark, which allows you to jump and breathe under water
  • Electric double jump, which also attracts rings.

They protect Sonic, but only he can use abilities associated with jumping, Tails and so can fly. I do not even understand how I could have done without these shields before.

In competition mode, zones are not the same as in main mode.

During the game, Eggman was able to raise the Egg of Death, but it falls again. And here begins the action of echidna Nackles, so to speak Sonic 3, part two. Echidna Nackles can climb walls, plan above the ground and have a different story. She came into conflict with the works. I have to say that this is the hardest part of the Sonic games series. After all, in fact, these are the last levels of Sonic 3, and the last levels, as a rule, are difficult. We must all go in one go.

Also in the third part of the game, Sonic 3 can be saved.

If you have collected all the emeralds, then the secret final boss will be revealed, where in space in the image of Super Sonic you have to defeat him. After the victory we get a master emerald and raise the island again to heaven.

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