Stumble Guys: Multiplayer Royale

Stumble Guys: Multiplayer Royale

Stumble Guys: Multiplayer Royale is an addictive multiplayer party game. Stay on your feet with confidence, knock out your enemies to become the winner - this is a knockout competition.

According to the plot of the game Stumble Guys, 32 online players start passing levels. With each new level, chaos grows, and obstacles become more difficult. Until one player is left standing. He will be the winner. If you fall, start running again. Endless fun, a series of incredible challenges and funny obstacles are waiting for you.

Stumble Guys Features:

  • Lots of ridiculous obstacles and comical challenges.
  • Multiplayer game.
  • Incredibly colorful design and great graphics.
  • Various customization options.
  • Lots of fun mishaps, exciting and varied levels.
  • Funny characters.
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    - 02-03-2021 14:29:07
    Wow Stumble Guys: Multiplayer Royale! That's incredible game, i will play it later...