Venge io

Venge io

Venge io is a massively multiplayer online shooting game with real people and tons of possibilities! You can play the game without registration. To receive prizes and get into the leaderboard, you need to register. It's very simple, come up with a name and password, and then go into battle! All the maps are relatively small and you will fight with only four players on one of the provided maps. You will not be divided into teams, everyone plays for himself.

How to play?

The online game may remind many of the same Fortnight that has been loved by all players for so long. Choose an available character, choose a weapon and immerse yourself in dynamic combat. You will be given three characters Lilia, Shyn and Eko to choose from. Lilia's abilities are throwing burrs, you can pump them according to the results of the battle, and hitting a deadly blow with a sledgehammer. Shyn's abilities are star throwing, they do very good damage at close range, as well as his super ability in fast movement. Eco - throws an ax and can move quickly by throwing a rope. Study all the cards and use them tactically against your opponents. Use your keen skills and reflexes to dominate the leaderboard.

In the shooting game, you can choose from four basic types of weapons, which is in the current arsenal: machine gun - suitable for combat at medium and long distances; shotgun - powerful melee weapon; rifle - powerful long-range weapon; Uzi - short / medium range rapid-fire submachine gun. Any of the provided weapons can bring you victory, choose the most convenient weapon and become the leader of the table! Whichever weapon brings you the most carnage, select it and use it to work your way to the top of the community leaderboard.

Each character has unique abilities known as cards that you can use to your advantage against other players. Earn points for killing enemies and capturing the flag to reveal maps and progress to higher levels for more powerful moves. At, you need to use all the tactics to defeat difficult enemies and quickly destroy them!

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    - 02-03-2021 14:29:07
    Wow Venge io! That's incredible game, i will play it later...