Wolfenstein 3D
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Wolfenstein 3D

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Wolfenstein 3D

Wolfenstein 3D - one of the first shooters, which received unprecedented popularity. With us you can play Wolfenstein 3D Dos version online or download it to your hard drive.

Controls: forward, backward, right, left - arrows, open the door - space, shoot - ctrl, sideways movement - alt + right, left.

The game Wolfenstein 3D has 9 episodes. Having escaped from the prison cell, the hero kills the guard with his bare hands and sets off on a dangerous path through an enemy bunker. Your task is simple - overcome all obstacles, collect all the treasures and kill the main enemy. They may be a mad doctor, a sadist, maybe Dr. Goebelc (zone 2), a certain Madame with a heavy machine gun (zone 5), or even Adolf Hitler himself (zone 3). In each room you will meet the officers and soldiers of Wehrmacht.

The most harmless soldiers in Wolfenstein 3D are infantrymen in brown uniform. They are lazy and curious, often showing carelessness and non-observation. Armed, as a rule, with a Walter pistol. And soldiers in blue have an MP38 submachine gun, commonly called Schmeisser. The blue soldier is extremely dangerous and tenacious, likes to shoot from around the corner, so go to any room with extreme caution. Officers in white, allegedly collaborating in counterintelligence, upon seeing you shout "Spy" and call for help from other soldiers. Before death, they publish a believable and unpleasant moan. also in the second zone there are green soldiers - these are zombies, which the doctor sadist created through experiments in his laboratories. It is noteworthy that they shoot from the stomach, violently waving hands.

You are armed with the same Walter pistol, automatic and six-barreled machine gun.

In the walls of the labyrinth are hidden secret rooms with bread, salt, medicines and cartridges.

American origin of the game is manifested primarily in the fact that the hero's food is loved by traditional chickens with a side dish, while the Germans would prefer sausages.

The game is very undemanding to hardware resources and goes well even on 286 processors. But if you want to hear the speech of the characters, mostly curses, then you need a good audio card. On the last secret level live ghosts, they are indestructible and it is not clear what they need. Hardly they were in the service of the Wehrmacht, like all the other characters of the game, although it is not known exactly :)

At each level, there are secret rooms. To get there, you need to check the walls, opening them like doors. After passing the level you will be able to see in percent how many secrets have been found. If you find all the secrets from the first to the last level, you will be taken to the haunted secret area.
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    - 02-03-2021 14:29:07
    Wow Wolfenstein 3D! That's incredible game, i will play it later...