Minecraft games

Games Minecraft - it is a wonderful world in which an ordinary hero named Steve spends his life. On his way there are many obstacles that prevent him from fulfilling his desires. He, like a brave hero, fights against different zombies and tries to survive in the conditions of a zombie apocalypse. Despite all the difficulties, he collects food, extracts resources, builds a house, a farm and so on. To do this, he has to look for valuable materials in mines and dungeons. The style of Minecraft games is square textures 16x16 in size. You get into the world of 3D cubes, where everything is not as simple as it seems. In these games there are different modes: survival, creative mode, adventure mode, creativity or hardcore. Each player can choose a suitable game mode. Many players like Minecraft because of the plot and the mass of possibilities. In them you can: wander around the world or dungeons, build a house or a bridge, fly a rocket, run away from scary zombies or kill them, extract resources and so on. You will certainly get involved in Minecraft mini-games and try to play each of them.

Minecraft will be popular computer game that represents a sandbox with elements of survival, searching and collecting resources, research, construction, the events of which unfold in an open, procedurally generated world consisting of cubic blocks.

A characteristic feature is the lack of a plot, which makes the player decide what to do and independently set final goals. The original has spawned a whole genre, whose representatives are represented in this section. Some games are different because they are concentrated on one side of the gameplay, for example, on mining materials and crafting powerful weapons and tools, while others simply borrowed a graphic style. There are full clones, but with a bit of reduced functionality.