Survival games

Among modern gamers, the topic of survival is one of the most popular. Most of the players, literally, live in such games, only occasionally returning to worries in real life.

If you have an interest in such entertainment and consider yourself to the persons described above, then this section is definitely for you. Classic survival games are characterized primarily by the absence of any visible goals and objectives, except for the one and only one - to survive at any cost. A hostile environment significantly complicates the task, but not as the lack of food, water, a warm night, means of protection, the necessary tools. In such games, ingenuity is extremely important, otherwise the main character will die very quickly. Events can take place anywhere - on the beach, in the woods, in the mountains or in the expanses of a dying post-apocalyptic world, the scenery does not play a special role, they just add a certain entourage.

The key feature is loneliness, but this does not at all mean that there is not a single living soul in the game world; on the contrary, the player can meet various characters, often hostile, willing to kill him and take possession of his property and resources. As a rule, non-player characters attack, since other players, if any, are engaged in their own struggle for life. Another distinctive feature is a large number of various indicators that reflect the level of hunger, thirst, cold, mental stability, as well as sensors of injuries, diseases, mood, and other parameters, describing in detail the state of the main character.

Crafting, collecting various resources and creating objects are also an important part of game mechanics, since it is these things that make it possible to produce weapons, clothing, tools, get food and water, build buildings and defenses, and of course, fight off attackers.